Cover Band Package (Soft Music Band)

Orchestra Amadeo can split, depending on your budget and taste. At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to the instruments that will "color" the music you choose. An uniqe wedding must have distinguished moments thst will amaze all your guests.

Cover Band Package (Soft music band)

1. Soft music soloist
2. drum/percussion
3. Saxophone
4. Organ
5. keys/voice
6. electric guitar / voice
7. bass guitar / voice
8. Sound equipment, P.A. system, with 4 satellites, 2 subwoofere, power up to 3400W, best quality Dynacord D.J. board, Shure microphoane, Sennheiser, A.M.T.

Bonus stage lights, laser, smoke machine

At this package you can add:
Romanian folk music soloist si accordion
Amadeo Quartet (classic quartet) at the arrivale of the bride and the groom and the guests – tango, waltz, jazz, classic music
Classic music soloist ( Opera voice, famous songs as: O sole mio, Granada, Funiculi-Funicula, Torna Suriento) before appetizer
Greek music soloist and greek dancers
Traditionale dances

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Musical programme

- Groom's arrival. Wedding Song – Mendelson Bartoldi (Amadeo Orchestra or Quartet)

- Guests' arrival. Ambient music : Jazz&Blues…

- Appetizer - Evergreens, All time hits…

- Birde and Groom's Dance: Blues / Tango / Vals (Amadeo Orchestra or Amadeo Quartet ).

-Cafe concert

-Dance invitation for godfathers, parents-in-law and all the guests.

Artistic Programme with soft music artist and Amadeo Orchestra. Varied songs: Waltz, Latino, Rock & roll, Romanian soft music, Pop, Evergreens...

- First course. Folk music programme (the soloist of Amadeo Orchestra). Then, dance invitation for all guests.

- Speeches. Ambient Music (DJ)

- Second course. Romanian and International soft music (soloist of Amadeo Orchestra). Optional, karaoke with live background .

- Third course. Romanian folk music, music for dance (soloist of Amadeo Orchestra).

Disco Programme

- Wedding Cake. Radezky Marsh (J.Strauss ) Happy Birthday...

- Romanian customs(optional): Bride's dance, Perinita, etc.

- Ending. Ambient Music

All musical styles and moments are established with the organizer.

Cover Band - Pachet formatie de cover-uri

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