Corporate Events

A corporate party is a stylish event, where people with good musical tastes get together. Even if we talk about a dinner, a charity ball, a thematic party or an official opening, a corporate party must keep high muscial standards. The music for corporate parties has to be in accordance with a certain atmosphere and a specifically level of formality.
Amadeo band is ideal for any kind of corporate event. Its rich repretory can cover a great variety of music for corporate parties. Even if you choose Romanian folk music, classic music or jazz, Amadeo band will offer you a real musical show, transforming your party in a memorable event.
The musical genre and the repertory will be established according to the taste of the organizer. Depending on the ambience you want to create, Amadeo Band propose you a short guide that will help you choose the music for a corporate event:

Orchestra muzica Evenimente Corporate
Orchestra muzica Evenimente Corporate

Ambient music for corporate events

· Upscale, elegant music - Classic Music, Cafe-Concert (Strings Qaurtet; Solo Piano, harp) · Intimate, warm ambience - Jazz, Fusion-House, Jazz-House (solo saxophone, organ, piano; D.J.) · Vivacious music - Irish music, Medieval music, Jazz (solo violin, flute, cello) · Party music (Romanian guests) - Romanian folk music (Taraf) · Party music (Foreign guests) - traditional music, depending on the guests' origin: American, German, French, Italina, Russian etc (various instruments) · Formal ambience - ambient music, throwaway (optionally)

Music for dance ( orchestra and D.J.)

· Latino (Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa) , semi-classical (Waltz) · Blues, Evergreens, Ballads · Disco Music · Romanian soft music, Old Hits · Iternational music (French, American, German, Greek) · Romanian folk music(taraf or soloist instr. + accompaniment instr.) · Irish music, Medieval music

Folk Music, Pop Music, Classical Music

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