In order to offer you a great show and the best time, the Amadeo Orchestra shares the stage with valuable musicians, talented dancers, professional DJs and professional audio technicians.

D.J. and Audio equipments

Good music cannot be produced without the aid of quality instruments and equipments. The Amadeo Orchestra provides hi-tech audio equipments, optimized for all types of events. The audio package implies the presence of an audio technician and a professional DJ that will be responsible for the audio and video equipment. The prices for the audio package vary depending on the length of the event, the size of the event location and the power of amplification.

Greek Dances and Music

The traditional greek music is ideal for any kind of parties. Inspired by the beauty of Grecee, the Greek music is cheerful, bringing you happines, and calls you on the dance floor. Along with Greek music, traditional Greek dances offer you an unforgettable spectacle. Amadeo Orchestra collaborates with valuable Greek artists. Greek music and dances ar included in any music packages at request.

Modern and Traditional Dances

In order to complete our show, we collaborate with a dance company for modern and traditional Romanian dances. This artistic show is performed by professional dancers who guarantee and exceptional spectacle. The dance company is included in the Noblesse music package.

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Audio Equipment brands used:

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