Classic Package(Amadeo Quartet, Taraf)

Orchestra Amadeo can split, depending on your budget and taste. At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to the instruments that will "color" the music you choose. An uniqe wedding must have distinguished moments thst will amaze all your guests.

Classic Package (Amadeo Quartet, Taraf)

1. Amadeo Quartet (classical quartet) at the arrival of the grooms and the guests
2. Dulcimer – Virtuosity show(dulcimer) - Video
3. Organ
4. Contrabass and traditional drum
5. Accordion
6. Violin – Virtuosity show (violin) - Video
7. Saxophone and Clarinet
8. Pipe-pan, Flute, Pipebag - Virtuosity show
9. Trumpet
10. International and Romanian soft music
11. Romanian folk music soloist , famous tangos, Romanian party music.
12. Professional D.J. – Pioneer D.J. board - all genres music, according to your tastes and your guests' tastes.
13. ElectroVoice audio equipment, with satellites, subwoofere, power between 1000W si 4000W depending on the gusts' number and the location, Shure microphoanes, Sennheiser.

Bonus stage lights, laser, smoke machine, movingheads.

At this package you can add:
Greek music soloist. Greek dances show.

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Musical Programme

- Grooms' arrival. Wedding song – Mendelson Bartoldi (Amadeo Orchestra).

- Guests' arrival. Cheerful Music: Solo Sax - Fusion, House-Jazz, Jazz & Blues...

- Appetizer. Evergreens, All time hits...

- Grooms' Dance: Blues / Tango / Vals (DJ ,orchestra or classic quartet).

- Dance Invitation for godparents, parents-in-law and all other guests. Disco programme(DJ). Soft music soloist and Amadeo Orchestra. Varied songs: Waltz, Latino, Rock & roll, Romanian soft music, Pop, Evergreens...

- First course. Cafe concert – Virtuosity show – violin.

Romanian folk music (the soloist of the Amadeo orchestra). Then, dance invitation for all guests.

- Speeches. Ambient music(DJ)

- Second course. Virtuosity show - Dulcimer. International and Romanian soft music (soloist). Optional, karaoke with live background or DJ.

- Third course. Virtuosity show: pipe-pan, flute, pipebag and other instruments. Romanian folk music and music for dance (soloist of the Amadeo Orchestra). Disco with D.J.

- Wedding Cake. Radezky Marsh (J.Strauss ) Happi Birthday...

- Romanian customs (optional): Bouque Throwing, Girls dance, Periniţa...

- Ending. Ambient music(DJ).

All musical styles and moments are established with the organizer.

Orchestra Amadeo si taraf romanesc in formula completa

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