Authentic Romanian Taraf

Taraf Autentic Romanesc

The Amadeo Quartet and Traditional Romanian Taraf

By chosing this music package, you will benefit of a musical spectacle performed by the Amadeo Quartet and a Traditional Romanian Taraf. The musical program included in this package is appropriate for the various key moments of the wedding reception and guarantees an unforgettable display of grace and elegance. All sound equipment is included in this package.

Wedding Orchestra

Taraf Formatie Redusa - Orchestra Nunta

Ambient package

This type o music package includes wedding music played by an Authentic Romanian Orchestra. This Taraf consists of traditional instruments and it guarantees you a musical program appropriate for different moments of the wedding. All sound equipment is included in the Ambient package.

Cover Band

Cover Band

Cover band package

By choosing this music package, you will benefit of a show performed by a Cover Band. The songs that make up the repertory of the Cover Band are all-time masterpieces. This music package includes all the audio equipments.

The Wedding Band

Formatie de nunta

Basic package

This is a basic music package. By choosing the Wedding Band package, you will benefit of a spectacle performed our wedding band. This music package includes songs from all genres and it is appropriate to introduce the various key moments of the wedding. All sound equipment is included in the Wedding Band package.

Traditional Dancers

Taraf Traditional Romanesc, Dansuri Traditionale

The Amadeo Quartet, Traditional Romanian Taraf and Dance Company

This package is perfect for those of you who are looking for a musical show accompanied by traditional and/or modern dances. This package includes the Amadeo Quartet, a Traditional Romanian Taraf and a dance company. The musical program is very diverse and can be set up upon your specific requests. All sound equipment is included in this package.

Amadeo Quartet and D.J.

Cvartet Amadeo si DJ

The Amadeo Quartet and D.J.

This type of music package includes a musical show performed by the Amadeo Quartet, a professional D.J. and all the sound equipment needed. Our professional D.J. is able to provide a music base of more than 20,000 songs from all genres. The Amadeo Quartet and D.J. package is available in different forms, depending on the sound and light equipment you need.

Wedding Music

It is only natural to dream of a perfect wedding, don’t you agree?! It is the moment when your life takes a new turn and the event has to be planed and organized step by step so it becomes a beautiful memory. Wedding music is one of the most important aspects in the bride and groom’s attempt to have an unforgettable time and capture a splendid moment alongside their most loved ones. It has to be in accordance with the specific decoration of the chosen event location. That is why it is highly recommended that you carefully choose the music repertory beforehand, taking into consideration the musical tastes of you guests, based on aspects such as age, social class, ethnic group or nationality. The wedding music has to create unique moments which should be a combination of all your guests’ expectations, but also appropriate for the different traditional stages of the wedding (guests' arrival, cutting the wedding cake, etc.).

In this respect, our Amadeo Orchestra offers you six music packages that can very well suppot and complete all your requirements. Depending on your choice, the number of musicians in the Amadeo Wedding Band can range between 5 and 10 musicians, a D.J. The number and the type of the instruments that "colour" the music you have chosen may also change according to what you desire. We draw your attention on the fact that a greater number of musicians and instruments will naturally intensify the overall sound and will diversify the musical atmosphere of your wedding reception.

Muzica de Nunta

We strongly believe that a wedding without Romanian folk music is incomplete.

Undeniably one of the greatest treasures of the Romanian culture, folk music is a prerequisite in a wedding repertory because it exults happiness and good vibrations. Lots of people mistake Romanian traditional music for another controversial music genre and this is one of the reasons for which the Amadeo Wedding Orchestra has made it its mission to advertise and inform audiences all over our country about the beauty of traditional wedding music played by an Authentic Romanian Taraf. Such a Taraf is consists of the following instruments: dulcimer, contrabass, drum, accordion, saxophone, clarinet, violin, bagpipe, flute. The Romanian Taraf will turn your wedding in a traditional Romanian party, entertaining the atmosphere with Romanian folk music, well-known tangos and other types of music. The Romanian Taraf is included in all 6 music packages offered by the Amadeo Orchestra.

Wedding Music in Constanta and Bucharest

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